Nitzer Ebb


ז'אנרים: Electronic
לייבל: Pylon Records
פורמט: Box Set
1,399.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: US  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Electronic
תתי ז'אנר:  EBM, Industrial

פורמט: Compilation, Remastered | Box Set, Box Set1982-2010, Nitzer Ebb, 2018, US

רשימת שירים:

. That Total Age
A1. Fitness To Purpose
A2. Warsaw Ghetto
A3. Violent Playground
A4. Murderous
B1. Smear Body
B2. Join In The Chant
B3. Alarm
B4. Let Your Body Learn
C1. Let Beauty Loose
C2. Into The Large Air
C3. Murderous (Instrumental)
C4. Fitness To Purpose (Mix Two)
D1. Join In The Chant (Burn! 12” Mix)
D2. Let Your Body Learn (12” Mix)
D3. Join In The Chant (Metal Mix)
. Belief
A1. Hearts And Minds
A2. For Fun
A3. Control I'm Here
A4. Captivate
B1. Blood Money
B2. Shame
B3. Drive
B4. Without Belief
C1. Control I’m Here (Command Control Confront Mix)
C2. Shame (Mix no 2 William Orbit)
C3. K.I.A. (PK Mix)
D1. Captivate (William Orbit Mix)
D2. Hearts & Minds (Mix Subsonic)
D3. Backlash (William Orbit Mix)
. Showtime
A1. Getting Closer
A2. Nobody Knows
A3. One Mans Burden
A4. All Over
A5. My Heart
B1. Lightning Man
B2. Rope
B3. Hold On
B4. Fun To Be Had
C1. Lightning Man (The Industry Vs. The Ebb Remix)
C2. Fun To Be Had (Long Mix George Clinton)
C3. Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix)
D1. Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix)
D2. Lightning Man (RSW Mix)
D3. Getting Closer (The Trance Mix)
. Ebbhead
A1. Reasons
A2. Lakeside Drive
A3. I Give To You
A4. Sugar Sweet
B1. Time
B2. Ascend
B3. Godhead
B4. Trigger Happy
C1. Family Man (Jaz Coleman Mix)
C2. Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix)
C3. Lovesick (Flood Mix)
C4. Higher (Barry Adamson Mix)
D1. Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix)
D2. I Give To You (Pestilence Mix)
D3. Godhead (Remix)
. Big Hit
A1. Cherry Blossom
A2. Hear Me Say
A3. Kick It
A4. I Thought
B1. Floodwater
B2. Border Talk
B3. In Decline
B4. Living Out Of A Bag
C1. Boy
C2. Our Own World
C3. Friend (Brittle Mix)
C4. Beats Me
D1. Kick It (Adrian Sherwood Compulsion Edit)
D2. Kick It (Popular Music Mix)
D3. I Thought (Final Sin)

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