A New Morning

ז'אנרים: Rock
לייבל: Edsel Records
פורמט: CD
89.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: UK  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock
תתי ז'אנר:  Indie Rock

פורמט: Album, Reissue | All Media, All MediaA New Morning, Suede, 2011, UK

רשימת שירים:

. A New Morning
CD1-1. Positivity 2:57
CD1-2. Obsessions 4:11
CD1-3. Lonely Girls 3:13
CD1-4. Lost In TV 3:39
CD1-5. Beautiful Loser 3:38
CD1-6. Streetlife 2:52
CD1-7. Astrogirl 4:35
CD1-8. Untitled 3:45
CD1-9. ...Morning 2:16
CD1-10. One Hit To The Body 3:07
CD1-11. When The Rain Falls 4:30
CD1-12. Oceans 4:13
. Demos
CD1-13. Obsessions (2khz Demo) 3:55
CD1-14. Positivity (Hoffer Version) 3:03
CD1-15. Buckley (Simon) (Demo) 4:42
CD1-16. Bony (Untitled) (Stanbridge Demo) 3:57
CD1-17. Beautiful Loser (Parkgate Demo) 3:52
CD1-18. Lost In TV (Stanbridge Demo) 4:32
CD1-19. Lonely Girls (Parkgate Demo) 3:24
CD1-20. Cheap (Four Track Demo) 4:47
CD1-21. When The Rain Falls (Stanbridge Demo) 4:29
. The B-Sides (And More)
CD2-1. Simon 4:36
CD2-2. Cheap 4:44
CD2-3. One Love 4:03
CD2-4. Superstar 4:13
CD2-5. Colours 3:32
CD2-6. Campfire Song 5:38
CD2-7. Cool Thing 3:08
CD2-8. Instant Sunshine 3:52
CD2-9. UFO 3:31
CD2-10. Rainy Day Girl 4:16
CD2-11. Hard Candy 2:48
CD2-12. ABC Song 4:03
CD2-13. You Belong To Me 3:27
CD2-14. Love The Way You Love 3:38
CD2-15. Attitude 3:06
CD2-16. Golden Gun 3:08
CD2-17. Oxygen 4:07
. Extra Tracks
CD2-18. Golden Gun (Z One Demo) 3:00
CD2-19. Love The Way You Love (Brett's Original 4 Track Demo) 4:39
CD2-20. Refugees (Previously Unreleased) 4:31
. Singles Videos
DVD-1. Positivity 3:10
DVD-2. Obsessions 3:50
DVD-3. Attitude (With Brett) 3:29
. Bonus Videos
DVD-4. Simon ('Far From China' Opening Titles) 4:38
DVD-5. Positivity (Early Recording Session) 3:22
DVD-6. Attitude (Without Brett) 3:28
. Suede: Up Close And Personal (Live At Mediacorp Studio, Singapore, 15th August 2002) (42:14)
DVD-7. Positivity
DVD-8. The Wild Ones
DVD-9. Untitled
DVD-10. When The Rain Falls
DVD-11. Oceans
DVD-12. Trash
DVD-13. Lazy
DVD-14. The Power
DVD-15. She's In Fashion
. Suede Live At FNAC, Madrid, 30th September 2002 (21:30)
DVD-16. Positivity
DVD-17. Obsessions
DVD-18. Everything Will Flow
DVD-19. Trash
DVD-20. Beautiful Ones
. Bonus DVD Feature
DVD-21. Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes And Neil Codling 2011 Interview 15:13

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