The Mountain Goats

All Hail West Texas

ז'אנרים: Rock
לייבל: Merge Records
פורמט: CD
69.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: US  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock
תתי ז'אנר:  Folk Rock, Lo-Fi, Indie Rock

פורמט: Album, Reissue | CD1, All Hail West Texas, Mountain Goats, The, 2013, US

רשימת שירים:

1. The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
2. Fall Of The Star High School Running Back
3. Color In Your Cheeks
4. Jenny
5. Fault Lines
6. Balance
7. Pink And Blue
8. Riches And Wonders
9. The Mess Inside
10. Jeff Davis County Blues
11. Distant Stations
12. Blues In Dallas
13. Source Decay
14. Absolute Lithops Effect
. Also Appearing:
15. Hardpan Song
16. Answering The Phone
17. Indonesia
18. Midland
19. Jenny (Alt. Take)
20. Tape Travel Is Lonely
21. Waco

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