Dog Man Star

ז'אנרים: Pop, Rock
לייבל: Demon-Edsel
פורמט: Box Set
849.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: UK & Europe  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock, Pop
תתי ז'אנר:  Britpop

פורמט: Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition | Box Set, Box SetDog Man Star, Suede, 2014, UK & Europe

רשימת שירים:

. Dog Man Star
CD1-01. Introducing The Band 2:39
CD1-02. We Are The Pigs 4:20
CD1-03. Heroine 3:23
CD1-04. The Drowners 4:50
CD1-05. Daddy's Speeding 5:22
CD1-06. The Power 4:32
CD1-07. New Generation 4:37
CD1-08. This Hollywood Life 3:51
CD1-09. The 2 Of Us 5:46
CD1-10. Black Or Blue 3:48
CD1-11. The Asphalt World 9:25
CD1-12. Still Life 5:23
. The B-Sides (And An A-side)
CD2-01. My Dark Star 4:23
CD2-02. The Living Dead 2:48
CD2-03. Stay Together [Full Length Version] 8:28
CD2-04. Killing Of A Flash Boy 4:04
CD2-05. Whipsnade 4:19
CD2-06. This World Needs A Father 3:54
CD2-07. Modern Boys 4:08
CD2-08. Eno's Introducing The Band 16:04
. Extra Tracks
CD2-09. La Puissance [The Power) 1:22
CD2-10. The Living Dead [Piano Version] 2:44
CD2-11. We Believe In Showbiz [Perviously Unreleased] 3:46
CD2-12. Still Life [Orchestral Version] 5:13
CD2-13. The Wild Ones [Original Unedited Version] 7:17
CD2-14. The Asphalt World [Original Unedited Version] 11:29
. Dog Man Star
BLU-RAY AUDIO 01. Intrducing The Band
BLU-RAY AUDIO 02. We Are The Pigs
BLU-RAY AUDIO 03. Heroine
BLU-RAY AUDIO 04. The Wild Ones
BLU-RAY AUDIO 05. Daddy's Speeding
BLU-RAY AUDIO 06. The Power
BLU-RAY AUDIO 07. New Generation
BLU-RAY AUDIO 08. This Hollywood Life
BLU-RAY AUDIO 09 . The 2 Of Us
BLU-RAY AUDIO 10. Black Or Blue
BLU-RAY AUDIO 11. The Asphalt World
BLU-RAY AUDIO 12 . Still Life
. The B-Sides (And An A-side)
BLU-RAY AUDIO 13. My Dark Star
BLU-RAY AUDIO 14. The Living Dead
BLU-RAY AUDIO 15. Stay Together [Full Length Version]
BLU-RAY AUDIO 16. Klling Of A Flash Boy
BLU-RAY AUDIO 17. Whipsnade
BLU-RAY AUDIO 18. This World Needs A Father
BLU-RAY AUDIO 19. Modern Boys
BLU-RAY AUDIO 20. Eno's Introducing The Band
. Dog Man Star
TAPE A-01. Introducing The Band
TAPE A-02. We Are The Pigs
TAPE A-03. Heroine
TAPE A-04. The Wild Ones
TAPE A-05. Daddy's Speeding
TAPE A-06. The Power
TAPE A-07. New Generation
TAPE B-01. This Hollywood Life
TAPE B-02. The 2 Of Us
TAPE B-03. Black Or Blue
TAPE B-04. The Asphalt World
TAPE B-05. Still Life
. The 2013 Interviews
DVD 01. Brett Anderson, Mat Osman and Ed Buller
DVD 02. Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler
. BBC TV Appearances
DVD 03. Top Of The Pops : Stay Together - 10 February 1994
DVD 04. The O Zone - 13 February 1994
DVD 05. Top Of The Pops : Stay Together - 24 February 1994
. Promo Video
DVD 06. Stay Together
. ´Dog Man Star´ Tour Film
DVD 07. Heroine
DVD 08. We Are The Pigs
DVD 09. The 2 Of Us
DVD 10. Killing Of A Flash Boy
DVD 11. Pantomime Horse
DVD 12. The Asphalt World
DVD 13. This Hollywood Life
DVD 14. The Wild Ones
DVD 15. Still Life
. 7" single of NME Flexi disc
SINGLE single sided. Excerpts From Dog Man Star
. 12" singles
. We Are The Pigs
A 01. We Are The Pigs
B 01. Killing Of A Flash Boy
B 02. Whipsnade
. The Wild Ones
A 01. The Wild Ones
B 01. Eno's Introducing The Band

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