The Heads

Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere

ז'אנרים: Blues, Rock
לייבל: Rooster Rock
פורמט: Box Set
699.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: UK  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock, Blues
תתי ז'אנר:  Stoner Rock, Space Rock, Noise

פורמט: Limited Edition, Numbered | Box Set, Box SetEverybody Knows We Got Nowhere, Heads (2), The, 2014, UK

רשימת שירים:

. Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Original Album)
A1. Legavaan Satellite
A2. Thumbs
A3. Fuego
A4. Kraut Byrds
B1. Could Be...
B2. #'75
B3. Wobble
B4. Barcoded
B5. Song No 1
B6. My My
C1. Stab Railroad
C2. Chrome Plated
C3. Motorjam
C4. Dirty Water
D1. Pill Jam
D2. Long Gone
. Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Bonus Material)
E1. Delwyn's Conkers (Mark Radcliffe Session)
E2. Gnu (Mark Radcliffe Session)
E3. Mao Tinnitus (Mark Radcliffe Session)
F1. Could Be (John Peel Session)
F2. Legavaan Satellite (John Peel Session)
F3. You Can Lean Back Sometimes (John Peel Session)
F4. Post Relaxation (John Peel Session)
G1. Demonizer 48/48 (Gnu CDEP Track)
G2. Snakepit (Man's Ruin Version)
G3. Dirty Water (Butcher's Hook / Man's Ruin Version)
H1. Legavaan Satellite (Man's Ruin Version)
H2. You Can Lean Back Sometimes (Rocket Recordings / Man's Ruin)
. California Jams
A1. Widowmaker
A2. Legavaan Satellite
A3. Demonizer 48/48
A4. Steamroller
B1. Fuego
B2. False Heavy
B3. Spliff Riff
. Nobody Knows (Selected Demos 1997-2000)
CD-1. Move Yr Spacecar
CD-2. Bag It (Slack Babbath)
CD-3. Kraut Byrds 7/8
CD-4. Hey, Hey
CD-5. Canned Pt3
CD-6. F@zz
CD-7. Move Yr Spacecar Dub
CD-81. Long Goner

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