Akira Ifukube, Masaru Sato, Kunio Miyauchi, Riichiro Manabe

Godzilla: The Showa-Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975

ז'אנרים: Stage & screen
לייבל: Waxwork Records
פורמט: Box Set
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הוצאה: USA & Canada  
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ז'אנרים:  Stage & Screen
תתי ז'אנר:  Soundtrack, Score

פורמט: Remastered, Special Edition | Box Set, Box SetGodzilla: The Showa-Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975, Akira Ifukube, Masaru Sato, Kunio Miyauchi, Riichiro Manabe, 2021, USA & Canada

רשימת שירים:

. Godzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. Eiko-Maru Sinking
A3. Bingo-Maru Sinking
A4. Uneasiness On Odo Island
A5. Ritual Music Of Odo Island
A6. Storm On Odo Island
A7. Frigate March I
A8. Odo Island Theme
A9. Godzilla Appears On Odo Island
A10. Horror In The Water Tank
A11. Shinagawa Pandemonium
A12. Attack Godzilla
A13. Godzilla Comes Ashore
A14. Fury Of Godzilla
A15. Deadly Broadcast
B16. Godzilla To Tokyo Bay
B17. Repel Godzilla
B18. Devastated Tokyo
B19. Oxygen Destroyer
B20. Prayer For Peace
B21. Frigate March II
B22. Godzilla Under The Sea
B23. Ending
. Godzilla Raids Again: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. Koji Kobayashi's Crisis
A3. Battle At Iwato Island
A4. The Quiet Peace
A5. Godzilla Located
A6. SDF Scramble
A7. Godzilla In Osaka Bay
A8. Flares & Godzilla
A9. Scarlet Chain Reaction
B10. Osaka In Flames
B11. Death Battle At Osaka Castle
B12. Osaka In Ashes
B13. Northern Land With Dancing Snow
B14. Godzilla Advances
B15. Fighter Sortie
B16. Kobayashi's Plane & Godzilla
B17. Death Of Kobayashi I
B18. Death Of Kobayashi II
B19. Memories Left
B20. Battle To The Death
B21. Last Attack
B22. Ending
. King Kong Vs. Godzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. Series Of World Wonders
A3. The Sparkling Iceberg
A4. Pashin Commercial
A5. The Seahawk Crisis
A6. The Great News Gathering Team Departure
A7. The Seahawk's SOS
A8. Faro Island
A9. The Natives
A10. Thunder And The Devil
A11. Fumiko's Misgivings
A12. Godzilla's Resurrection
B13. Faro Island Exploration
B14. The Cry Of The Devil
B15. A Prayer To The Rolling Thunder
B16. The Devil In The South Seas Drums Of Battle
B17. Giant Octopus Vs. King Kong
B18. The Sleeping Devil
B19. King Kong Advances On Fuji
B20. Godzilla Goes South
B21. The Terror Of Godzilla
C22. The Invincible King Kong
C23. Preparation For Operation Burial
C24. King Kong Vs. Godzilla I
C25. Preparations For Operation One Million Volts
C26. Burial Plan Commencement
C27. Operation Burial
C28. Operation Burial Fails
C29. Operation One Million Volts I
C30. Operation One Million Volts II
C31. Kong Shows Up In Tokyo
C32. The Plan To Rescue Fumiko I
D33. The Plan To Rescue Fumiko II
D34. The Plan To Transport King Kong
D35. King Kong Advances On Fuji
D36. The Confrontation At Fuji
D37. King Kong's Resurrection
D38. King Kong Vs. Godzilla II
D39. Ending
. Mothra Vs. Godzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. After The Storm
A3. The Giant Egg Drifts Ashore I
A4. The Giant Egg Drifts Ashore II
A5. The Little Beauty's Theme
A6. Reflection Of The Little Beauty
A7. The Giant Moth At Night
A8. Mothra Leaves
A9. Hamakaze Hotel
A10. The Dome Is Activated
A11. Mysterious Radioactivity
A12. Godzilla Appears
A13. The Attack On The Industrial Complex
A14. Godzilla And Nagoya
B15. The Dome At Sunset
B16. Infant Island
B17. Evil Spirit Purification Ceremony
B18. Sacred Springs
B19. Mothra's Song
B20. Mothra's Journey
B21. Godzilla Vs. The Tank Corps
B22. Godzilla Advances
C23. Mothra Vs. Godzilla I
C24. Plan A Electrical Discharge Strike
C25. Plan B Electrical Discharge Strike
D26. Mahara Mothra
D27. The Birth Of The Larval Mothra
D28. Mothra Vs. Godzilla II
. Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. Princess Salno I
A3. The Flash
A4. Kurobe Valley Theme Song I
A5. Kurobe Valley Theme Song II
A6. Discovery Of The Meteor
A7. Why That Direction?
A8. Let's Try To Be Happy I
A9. Princess Salno II
A10. Rodan From Aso
A11. Godzilla From The Pacific Ocean
A12. Magnetism
A13. The Two Monsters Appear In Yokohama
A14. The Birth Of King Ghidorah
A15. Matsumoto City And King Ghidorah
A16. Godzilla Vs. Rodan I
A17. The Fury Of The Gravity Beam
B18. Let's Try To Be Happy II
B19. Godzilla Vs. Rodan II
B20. Godzilla Vs. Rodan III
B21. The Three Monsters Converge
B22. The Three Monsters Parley
B23. Godzilla Attacks Rodan
B24. The Greatest Battle On Earth I
B25. The Greatest Battle On Earth II
B26. Ending
. Invasion Of Astro-Monster: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. The P1 And Jupiter
A3. The P1 Descends
A4. The Mystery Of Planet X
A5. The Underground Passage
A6. Monster Zero
A7. The P1 Returns Home
A8. Washigasawa And Lake Myoujinko
A9. Godzilla At The Bottom Of The Lake
A10. Appearance Of The Disc
A11. The Electromagnetic Capsule
A12. Back To Planet X
A13. Arrival At Planet X
A14. The 3 Monsters On Planet X
B15. Namikawa On Planet X
B16. Leaving Planet X
B17. The Earth In Utter Chaos
B18. Monster Control I
B19. Monster Control II
B20. The Fury Of The 3 Monsters
B21. Monster Mega-War March
B22. Monster Mega-War
B23. Ending
. Ebirah, Horror Of The Deep: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. Endurance Dance Rally
A3. Appearance Of Yoshimura
A4. Transportation By Yahlen I
A5. Transportation By Yahlen II
A6. Yacht And Hurricane And Monster
A7. Letchi Island
A8. Red Bamboo
A9. Fierce Ebirah
A10. No Way To Survive
A11. Wish Of Dayo I
A12. Mothra's Song I
A13. Sleeping Godzilla
A14. Infiltration Of The Enemy Base I
A15. Infiltration Of The Enemy Base II
A16. Escape
A17. Ryota's Escape
B18. Mothra's Song II
B19. Crisis In The Pasture
B20. Sleeping Godzilla
B21. Godzilla's Wakening
B22. Departure Of Boat To Letchi Island
B23. Rebirth Of Godzilla
B24. Godzilla Vs. Ebirah I
B25. Red Bamboo Base
B26. Retreat From Base
B27. Godzilla Vs. Giant Condor
B28. Godzilla Vs. The Fighter Squadron
B29. The Demolition Of Red Bamboo Base
B30. Godzilla Vs. Ebirah II
B31. Godzilla Vs. Ebirah III
B32. The Wish Of The People On Infant Island
B33. Godzilla Vs. Ebirah IV
B34. Mothra's Song III
B35. The Arrival Of Mothra
B36. Before Nuclear Explosion
B37. Ending
. Son Of Godzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Opening
A2. Main Title
A3. The Sherbet Plan
A4. Visitors From The Sky
A5. The Uninvited Guests
A6. The Giant Praying Mantis
A7. The Young Girl From Sollgel Island
A8. Preparing For The Experiment
A9. The Frozen Sonde I
A10. The Synthetic Radioactive Sonde I
A11. The Island's Misery
A12. Kamacuras
A13. The Appearance Of The Egg
A14. The Silhouette Of The Tree
A15. The Birth Of Minilla
A16. Parent Godzilla Comes Ashore
A17. Saeko And Minilla
A18. Maki And Saeko
A19. Godzilla And Minilla I
B20. Godzilla And Minilla II
B21. Night On Sollgel Island
B22. The Red Hot Marsh
B23. The Research Team's Impatience
B24. Saeko's Crisis
B25. Minilla Vs. Kamacuras
B26. The Appearance Of Kumonga
B27. Preparing To Escape
B28. Minilla Vs. Kumonga
B29. Preparing For The Final Experiement
B30. Frozen Sonde II
B31. The Synthetic Radioactive Sonde II
B32. Godzilla Vs. Kumonga
B33. Snow Falls On The Tropical Island
B34. Ending
. Destroy All Monsters: Original Motion Picture Score
A1. Main Title
A2. Title Credits
A3. Monster Land
A4. The Lunar Base I
A5. Unusual Change On Monster Island
A6. The Lunar Base II
A7. SY-3
A8. The Unmanned Subterranean Center
A9. The Kilaak Starmen I
A10. Escape From Monster Land
A11. The Unknown Metal
A12. Discovery Of The Monster Controls
A13. Rodan Comes Flying
A14. The 4 Monsters Attack Tokyo
A15. Counter-Monster Warfare
A16. Command Post Ruins
A17. Monster Defense Line
B18. Rodan In Pursuit
B19. The Kilaak Starmen II
B20. The Lunar Base And SY-3
B21. SY-3 Sortie
B22. The Expedition Vehicle Breaks Through I
B23. The Expedition Vehicle Breaks Through II
B24. Remote Control Destruction
B25. The Monsters Pow-Wow On Earth
B26. Major Battle At Fuji I
B27. Major Battle At Fuji II
B28. Base Destruction
B29. Fire Dragon Pursuit
B30. Ending
. All Monsters Attack: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title (Monster March I)
A2. Monster March II
A3. Alongside The Tracks On The Way Home
A4. Dawdling Away The Time
A5. Message From Mother
A6. The Love Assignment
A7. Ichiro Heads Off To Monster Island
A8. Godzilla Vs. Kamacuras
A9. Monster Island's Monsters I
A10. Monster Island's Monsters II
A11. The Strange Vines
A12. The Encounter With Minilla
A13. The Appearance Of Gabara
A14. Ichiro And The Local Bully
A15. Back To Monster Island
A16. Gabara Attacks
A17. Reunion With Minilla
A18. Godzilla Vs. Ebirah
B19. Godzilla Vs. Kumonga
B20. Minilla Vs. Gabara I
B21. Minilla's Lesson
B22. Minilla Vs. Gabara II
B23. Minilla's Unusual Strategy
B24. Godzilla Vs. Gabara
B25. Ichiro's Bravery
B26. Three Men In The Abandoned Building
B27. Ichiro's Crisis
B28. Ichiro Gets Busy
B29. Lord Admiral Brat Showdown
B30. Ending
. Godzilla Vs. Hedorah: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Opening
A2. Give Back The Sun! I
A3. Bizarre Incident At Suruga Bay
A4. Investigation At The Bottom Of The Sea
A5. The Giant Tadpole
A6. Terror In The Water
A7. Ken's Cry
A8. The Mysterious Monster
A9. Godzilla And The Polluted Ocean
A10. Multiplying
A11. Hedorah Comes Ashore
A12. Give Back The Sun! II
A13. Smokestacks And Hedorah
A14. Godzilla Launches An Offensive
A15. Give Back The Sun! III
A16. Hedorah In Pieces
A17. Two Giant Monsters In The Factory Town
A18. The Factories That Strip Away The Green
A19. Fragments
A20. Hedorium
A21. Catalytic Action
B22. Hedorah's Birthplace
B23. Highway Attack
B24. Sulfuric Acid Mist
B25. Anti-Hedorah Masks Hit The Market
B26. Nuclear Fusion
B27. Identifying The Weak Spot
B28. The Transforming Pollution Monster
B29. Preparing For The Electrode Plate Experiment
B30. Guitar In The Wilderness I
B31. Guitar In The Wilderness II
B32. Our Energy I
B33. The Flowers Die, The Water Dies
B34. Our Energy II
B35. Telepathy From Godzilla
B36. Showdown At The Foot Of Mt. Fuji I
B37. Showdown At The Foot Of Mt. Fuji II
B38. The Youngsters Die
B39. Godzilla's Bitter Struggle
B40. Showdown At The Foot Of Mt. Fuji III
B41. Operation Lead The Way
B42. Hedorah Approaches I
B43. Hedorah Approaches II
B44. Tranquility
B45. Radioactive Fury
B46. Godzilla In Flight
B47. Give Back The Sun! (Male Chorus Version) I
B48. Victory
B49. Godzilla Heads Off
B50. Give Back The Sun! (Male Chorus Version) II
B51. Give Back The Sun! (Male Chorus Version) III
B52. Ending
. Godzilla Vs. Gigan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. Childland Destruction
A3. Monster Island
A4. Special Tape
A5. Construction Committee President
A6. Night Park
A7. Tape's Wherabouts
A8. Anguirus Sent Forth
A9. Older Brother's Whereabouts
A10. Identity Investigation
A11. To Yamano City
A12. Disaster One Year Ago
A13. Defense Force Deployment I
B14. Anguirus Repulsion
B15. Take-Off
B16. Assassination Squad Attack
B17. Signal To Space
B18. Godzilla, Anguirus Depart
B19. Godzilla Tower Infiltration
B20. M Space Species
B21. Invader's True Shape
B22. Defense Force Deployment II
C23. Space Monsters Attack Tokyo
C24. Four Giant Monsters' Violent Fight
C25. Godzilla Tower Escape Plan
D26. Earth Monsters Vs. Space Monsters
D27. Space Monsters' Fierce Attack
D28. Destruction Of Godzilla Tower Operation
D29. Earth Monsters' Counterattack
D30. Ending (Godzilla's March)
. Godzilla Vs. Megalon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Opening
A2. Main Title
A3. Changes Of The Lake
A4. Highway Road
A5. What The Intruders Left Behind
A6. Deteriorated Room
A7. Intent Of The Intrusion
A8. Chase
A9. Making Of A Robot
A10. Kidnap I
A11. Kidnap II
A12. Underwater Kingdom
A13. Megalon On Land
A14. Jet Jaguar Takes Action
A15. Car Chase
A16. Defense Team Takes Action
A17. Attack Preparation
A18. Crisis In The Container
A19. Megalon Approaches
A20. Attack Begins
A21. Monster Island Flies
A22. M. Space Hunter Sends Message To Star
B23. Invincible Megalon
B24. Godzilla Of Monster Island
B25. The Fierceness Of Megalon And Gigan
B26. The Big Transformation Of Jet Jaguar
B27. Jet Jaguar
B28. Godzilla By Way Of The Sea
B29. Bitter Battle
B30. Godzilla Appears
B31. Monster Match I
B32. Monster Match II
B33. Monster Match III
B34. Strike Back
B35. Godzilla's Strong Punch
B36. Victory Shake
B37. Jet Jaguar Growth
B38. Godzilla & Jet Jaguar Punch-Punch-Punch
. Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Opening
A2. Main Title
A3. Phantasm Of Fear
A4. The Ornament In The Cave
A5. The Legend Of Caesar
A6. Black Cloud Mountain
A7. The Mysterious Intruder
A8. The Disquieting Shadows
A9. Azumi's City
A10. Godzilla Vs. Anguirus
A11. Godzilla Vs. Godzilla
A12. The Appearance Of Mechagodzilla
A13. Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla
A14. Restoration Of Mechagodzilla
A15. Sunflower
A16. Sunlight On The Sea
A17. Godzilla And The Torpedo Attack
B18. The Sea Coral
B19. Traces Of The Dark Cloud
B20. Mechagodzilla Repair Work Complete
B21. The Fallen Pipe
B22. The Aggressor's True Identity
B23. Red Moon
B24. Keisuke's Return
B25. The Sun Rises In The West
B26. The Appearance Of King Caesar
B27. Mechagodzilla Swings Into Action
B28. Miyarabi's Prayer
B29. King Caesar Vs. Mechagodzilla
B30. The Legendary Monster
B31. Godzilla Comes Ashore
B32. Showdown Between The 3 Large Monsters In Okinawa I
B33. Showdown Between The 3 Large Monsters In Okinawa II
B34. The End Of The Invasion
B35. Ending
. Terror Of Mechagodzilla: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A1. Main Title
A2. 'Akatsuki One' In Distress
A3. Mugal To The Earth
A4. Dr. Mafune's Past
A5. The Female In The Mafune Family
A6. Off To Mount Amagi
A7. Mechagodzilla II
A8. Ichinose And Katsura
A9. Katsura's Memories
A10. Escape From Titanosaurus
A11. Ichinose Gets Tailed
A12. Titanosaurus Swings Into Action
A13. Titanosaurus Attacks
A14. The Appearance Of Godzilla
A15. Cyborg Surgery
A16. Completed Robot Monster
B17. The Mafune Family Tragedy
B18. Mechagodzilla II Goes On The Offensive
B19. Mechagodzilla Counterattacks
B20. Godzilla Arrives
B21. Godzilla Vs. Titanosaurus
B22. Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II
B23. Katsura's Death I
B24. Katsura's Death II
B25. Invaders' Last Moments
B26. Ending

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