The Zombies

In The Beginning...

ז'אנרים: Pop, Rock
לייבל: Demon Records
פורמט: Box Set
449.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: UK  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock, Pop
תתי ז'אנר:  Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Beat, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock

פורמט:  | Box Set, Box SetIn The Beginning..., Zombies, The, 2019, UK

רשימת שירים:

. Begin Here
A1. Road Runner 2:06
A2. Summertime 2:17
A3. I Can't Make Up My Mind 2:37
A4. The Way I Feel Inside 1:28
A5. Work 'N' Play 2:07
A6. You've Really Got A Hold On Me / Bring It On Home To Me 3:39
A7. She's Not There 2:20
B1. Sticks And Stones 2:56
B2. Can't Nobody Love You 2:15
B3. Woman 2:25
B4. I Don't Want To Know 2:07
B5. I Remember When I Loved Her 2:00
B6. What More Can I Do 1:38
B7. I Got My Mojo Working 3:35
. Early Days
C1. Whenever You're Ready 2:42
C2. Don't Go Away 2:33
C3. She's Not There 2:46
C4. I Love You 3:20
C5. Leave Me Be 2:06
C6. Indication 3:00
D1. She Does Everything For Me 2:17
D2. You Make Me Feel Good 2:36
D3. Tell Her No 2:05
D4. I Want You Back Again 2:11
D5. Kind Of Girl 2:09
D6. I Must Move 1:55
. Continue Here
E1. Sometimes 2:03
E2. It's Alright With Me 1:49
E3. She's Coming Home 2:33
E4. I Want You Back Again 2:15
E5. Nothing's Changed 3:19
E6. Is This The Dream 2:42
E7. Remember You 1:57
F1. Just Out Of Reach 2:06
F2. Remember You 2:12
F3. How We Were Before 2:04
F4. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself 2:23
F5. Goin' Out Of My Head 3:05
F6. I'll Call You Mine (Single Version) 2:42
. R.I.P.
G1. She Loves The Way They Love Her 3:03
G2. Imagine The Swan 3:10
G3. Smokey Day 2:25
G4. Girl Help Me 2:22
G5. I Could Spend The Day 2:32
G6. Conversation Off Floral Street 2:39
H1. If It Don't Work Out 2:27
H2. I'll Call You Mine 2:39
H3. I'll Keep Trying 2:29
H4. I Know She Will 2:36
H5. Don't Cry For Me 2:14
H6. Walking In The Sun 2:39
. Odessey And Oracle
I1. Care Of Cell 44 3:57
I2. A Rose For Emily 2:19
I3. Maybe After He's Gone 2:34
I4. Beechwood Park 2:44
I5. Brief Candles 3:30
I6. Hung Up On A Dream 3:02
J1. Changes 3:20
J2. I Want Her, She Wants Me 2:53
J3. This Will Be Our Year 2:08
J4. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) 2:48
J5. Friends Of Mine 2:18
J6. Time Of The Season 3:34

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