Jeff Buckley

Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk

ז'אנרים: Rock
לייבל: Columbia
פורמט: Vinyl
299.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: Europe  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock
תתי ז'אנר:  Alternative Rock, Folk Rock

פורמט: LP, Album | Vinyl, LP3, Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk, Jeff Buckley, 2010, Europe

רשימת שירים:

A1. The Sky Is A Landfill
A2. Everybody Here Wants You
A3. Opened Once
A4. Nightmares By The Sea
B1. Yard Of Blonde Girls
B2. Witches' Rave
B3. New Year's Prayer
C1. Morning Theft
C2. Vancouver
C3. You & I
D1. Nightmares By The Sea
D2. New Year's Prayer
D3. Haven't You Heard
D4. I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)
E1. Murder Suicide Meteor Slave
E2. Back In N.Y.C.
E3. Gunshot Glitter
F1. Demon John
F2. Your Flesh Is So Nice
F3. Jewel Box
F4. Satisfied Mind

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