Studio Albums 93-16

ז'אנרים: Pop, Rock
לייבל: Demon Music Group
פורמט: Vinyl
999.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: UK & Europe  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock, Pop
תתי ז'אנר:  Alternative Rock, Brit Pop

פורמט: LP, Album | Box Set, Box SetStudio Albums 93-16, Suede, 2018, UK & Europe

רשימת שירים:

. Suede
A1. So Young 3:38
A2. Animal Nitrate 3:27
A3. She’s Not Dead 4:33
A4. Moving 2:51
A5. Pantomime Horse 5:50
B1. The Drowners 4:10
B2. Sleeping Pills 3:51
B3. Breakdown 6:03
B4. Metal Mickey 3:28
B5. Animal Lover 4:18
B6. The Next Life 3:32
. Dog Man Star
C1. Introducing The Band 2:38
C2. We Are The Pigs 4:19
C3. Heroine 3:22
C4. The Wild Ones 4:50
D1. Daddy’s Speeding 5:22
D2. The Power 4:31
D3. New Generation 4:37
E1. This Hollywood Life 3:50
E2. The 2 Of Us 5:45
E3. Black Or Blue 3:48
F1. The Asphalt World 9:25
F2. Still Life 5:23
. Coming Up
G1. Trash 4:06
G2. Filmstar 3:25
G3. Lazy 3:18
G4. By The Sea 4:15
G5. She 3:38
H1. Beautiful Ones 3:50
H2. Starcrazy 3:33
H3. Picnic By The Motorway 4:45
H4. The Chemistry Between Us 7:04
H5. Saturday Night 4:32
. Head Music
I1. Electricity 4:39
I2. Savoir Faire 4:37
I3. Can’t Get Enough 3:58
J1. Everything Will Flow 4:41
J2. Down 6:12
J3. She’s In Fashion 4:53
K1. Asbestos 5:17
K2. Head Music 3:23
K3. Elephant Man 3:06
L1. Hi-Fi 5:10
L2. Indian Strings 4:21
L3. He’s Gone 5:35
L4. Crack In The Union Jack 1:56
. A New Morning
M1. Positivity 2:56
M2. Obsessions 4:11
M3. Lonely Girls 3:13
M4. Lost In TV 3:40
M5. Beautiful Loser 3:38
M6. Streetlife 2:41
N1. Astrogirl 4:35
N2. Untitled 3:45
N3. ...Morning 2:15
N4. One Hit To The Body 3:07
N5. When The Rain Falls 4:29
N6. Oceans 4:02
. Bloodsports
O1. Barriers 3:42
O2. Snowblind 4:04
O3. It Starts And Ends With You 3:52
O4. Sabotage 3:45
O5. For The Strangers 4:12
P1. Hit Me 4:03
P2. Sometimes I Fell I’ll Float Away 4:12
P3. What Are You Not Telling Me? 3:12
P4. Always 4:42
P5. Faultlines 4:04
. Night Thoughts
Q1. When You Are Young
Q2. Outsiders
Q3. No Tomorrow
R1. Pale Snow
R2. I Don't Know How To Reach You
R3. What I'm Trying To Tell You
S1. Tightrope
S2. Learning To Be
S3. Like Kids
T1. I Can't Give Her What She Wants
T2. When You Were Young
T3. The Fur And The Feathers

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