Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights

ז'אנרים: Jazz, Pop
לייבל: Numero Group
פורמט: Vinyl
349.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: US  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Jazz, Pop
תתי ז'אנר:  Easy Listening, Mambo, Pacific, Surf, Space-Age, Lounge

פורמט: LP, Repress | Box Set, Box SetTechnicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights, Various, 2022, US

רשימת שירים:

. Daiquiri Dirges
A1. Chuck (Big Guitar) Ernest, The Satellite Band - Blue Oasis
A2. The Sound Breakers - Marooned
A3. The Wailers (2) - Driftwood
A4. Lenny And The Thundertones - The Moon Of Manakoora
A5. Biscaynes With Co-Encidentals - Midnight In Montevideo
A6. Red Garrison And His Zodiacs - Chant Of The Jungle
A7. The Palatons - Jungle Guitar
A8. The Chayns - Live With The Moon
B1. Bailey's Nervous Kats, James Mills (5) - Cobra
B2. The Blazers - Sound Of Mecca
B3. The Gems (11) - Slave Girl
B4. Jerry & The Catalinas - The Arabian Knight
B5. The Jaguars (31) - Night Walker
B6. The Shelltones - Blue Castaway
B7. The Blue Bells - Atlantis
B8. Bill & Jean Bradway - Paradise Isle
. Rhum Rhapsodies
C1. The Melody Mates - Enchantment
C2. Don Reed (7), The Voice Of Love - Nature Boy
C3. Andre Brummer - Tumba
C4. Darla Hood - Silent Island
C5. Martha Raye, Phil Moore And His Orchestra - Lotus Land
C6. Southern California Baha'i Choir - Nightingale Of Paradise
C7. Carmen (51) - Isle Of Love
C8. The Monzas - Forever Walks A Drifter
D1. Akim (8) - Voodoo Drums
D2. Don Sargent And The Buddies - Voodoo Kiss
D3. Joan Joyce Trio - Captured
D4. Pony Sherrell - Tobago
D5. Jerry Warren & The Valids - Enchantress
D6. The Centuries - Polynesian Paradise
D7. The Potted Palm - My House Of Grass
D8. The Castiles (2) - Enchantment
. Mai Tai Mambos
E1. Five Glow Tones - Quiet Village
E2. Modesto Duran And Orchestra - Silent Island
E3. Ross Anderson Chorus & Orchestra - Tam-bu Theme
E4. Bobby Christian - Caravan
E5. Bruce Norman Quintet - Arabian Rhythm
E6. The Slaves (8) - Hari's Harem
E7. Arnie And Chisé - Similou
E8. The Three Bars, Nicky Roberts - Caribbean Cruise
F1. Robert Drasnin - Chant Of The Moon
F2. The Blue Jeans - Moon Mist
F3. Artie Barsamian - The Enchanting Melody
F4. Eddie Kochak, Hakki Obadia - Jazz In Port Said
F5. Gene Sikora & The Irrationals - Tanganyika
F6. Bobby Paris - Dark Continent
F7. Chico Jose - Locura (Madness)
F8. Clyde Derby - Lost Island

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