The Wolfhounds

Unseen Ripples From A Pebble

ז'אנרים: Rock
לייבל: Optic Nerve Recordings
פורמט: Vinyl
149.90 ש"ח

הוצאה: UK  
שנת הוצאה: 
ז'אנרים:  Rock
תתי ז'אנר:  Indie Rock

פורמט: LP, Album | Vinyl, LP2, Unseen Ripples From A Pebble, Wolfhounds, The, 2014, UK

רשימת שירים:

A1. Me
A2. Sandy
A3. Rain Stops Play
A4. Goodbye Laughter
A5. Lost But Happy
A6. The Anti-Midas Touch
B1. In Transit
B2. Cruelty
B3. Rule Of Thumb
B4. Progress Caff
B5. Public Footpath Blues
B6. Handy Howard
C1. L.A. Juice
C2. Another Hazy Day On The Lazy "A"
C3. Cut The Cake
C4. Deadthink
C5. Stars In The Tarmac
C6. Midget Horror
C7. One Foot Wrong
C8. Slow Loris
D1. Restless Spell
D2. Whale On The Beach
D3. Me (Single Version)
D4. Hand In The Till
D5. Digusted, E7
D6. Cold Shoulder
D7. Boy Racers, RM1

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